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VIDEOS: Sunday Sexiness Brought To You By Robert Pattnson

While browsing through You Tube I found these fantastic Robert Pattinson DiorRob fan vids.
I KNOW you are going to love them. Rob has some super talented fans!

What can I say about this one by swenjagrey?

 photo Iloveit.gif

This version of Toxic that  Claudiia828 used in her video is just perfect.

 photo thumbsupyeah.gif

Love Dancing DiorRob and Snow DiorRob in this video by MissCHR. I wish it was longer!

 photo Letsdance.gif

This beautiful video is by verenajj

 photo DED.gif

I think Pattz Erella picked a great song for her video. DiorRob is setting the world on fire one country at a time.

 photo Ovaries.gif

Hope you all survived that.

Thinking you might need a little Blanche to help you cool down?

 photo TooHot.gif photo TooHot.gif

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  1. Loved all those ~ thanks so much for finding them & sharing ;-D


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