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GIFS: Robert Pattinson DiorRob GIF Overload ~ Part 1

There are so many gorgeous GIFs from the fabulous BTS DiorRob video that we got the other day (Click HERE to watch if you missed it) that I thought an overload post was in order.
This is Part 1 (of I don't know how many parts but I would imagine quite a few ;-))
ALSO there is a Pic Edit overload post on the way as well so watch out for that and you KNOW there are going to be tons fabulous wallpapers and other goodies too!!!

 photo tumblr_ms73mrr0m01qkbr8xo1_r2_500.gif

 photo fmerobtumblr1.gif photo fmerobtumblr2.gif
 photo fmerobtumblr3.gif photo fmerobtumblr4.gif
 photo fmerobtumblr5.gif photo fmerobtumblr6.gif
 photo saraktumblr1.gif photo saraktumblr2.gif

 photo hottinsontumblr1.gif  photo hottinsontumblr2.gif  photo hottinsontumblr3.gif  photo hottinsontumblr4.gif  photo hottinsontumblr5.gif  photo hottinsontumblr6.gif  photo hottinsontumblr7.gif  photo hottinsontumblr8.gif  photo hottinsontumblr9.gif  photo hottinsontumblr10.gif
 photo rkfaithtumblr.gif
 photo tumblr_ms5561YstI1qkbr8xo1_r1_400.gif
 photo rpattzownsmetumblr2.gif photo rpattzownsmetumblr1.gif

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  1. The original sources of some of those gifs are: http://eyesontaybert.tumblr.com/post/59294545452/dior-homme-bts-x and http://hottinson.tumblr.com/post/59306067574/robert-pattinson-for-dior-homme-behind-the-scenes I'd appreciate it if it could be fixed. Thank you.

    1. Thanks so much for your comment. It's really hard to track down the original sources sometimes so any help is greatly appreciated ;-))
      Someone obviously reposted the first source but the second one was my error. I forgot to included the source. I had the tumblr name included on the pic file name just forgot to include it afterwards.


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