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ART: No Robert Pattinson Art Gallery Would Be Complete Without.......

..........artwork by the man himself, now would it??

You might remember just over a year ago Robert Pattinson & his mum Clare both drew balloons for the PACT Charity well the lucky person who won the auction for Rob's balloon was good enough to send us a snapshot of it hanging on her wall in her own Robart Gallery!

The best thing about this is that the lovely lady whose wall this now graces is just as Robsessed as the rest of us, she is a true Robert Pattinson fan.

In her words:
"Believe me, it is cherished. To me, it reflects all the random glory that is Rob - intellectual, playful, enthusiastic, daring, unfiltered, etc. It's easy to believe this drawing was done by the same guy who made the awards last Sunday (the mtv awards) such an unpredictable, memorable, loony delight."

Anyway like I said we couldn't have a Robart Gallery without Art from Rob, so here it is...........


I still can't make anything out of it...... except for one part ;-}

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Thanks so much to Carson for sending us the pic

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