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Robmas Advent Calendar Day 9

TwiCarol made us these great gift boxes again this year so that if you have a friend who is a RobFan you can use them to give them a special little gift OR you can do what I did last year and make them into tree decorations. Unfortunately this year my printer is out of action so I won't be able to do that.
Here's a peek though of how one of them looked hanging on my tree last year.
It's really easy to do, just download the pics below on some card cut it out following the instructions and stick it together! Easy peasy!

 photo RobGiftBox1-1.jpg
 photo RobGiftBox1Top.jpg

Click and Click "Download" to Save Full Size

 photo RobGiftBox1Top.jpg  photo RobGiftBox1Base.jpg

If you've missed any days of the Advent Calendar, don't worry, click HERE to catch up :)

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