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Robmas Advent Calendar Day 18

I think this is my favourite of the gift boxes that TwiCarol made for us this year.
Gotta love DiorRob and I would be thrilled to either receive a gift in this OR have it hanging on my tree ;)
They're so cute and easy to make just download the full size pics below print them out on card, cut them out and follow the instructions to assemble them.

 photo DiorRobGiftBox3Top.jpg

Click and Click "Download" to save at Full Size

 photo DiorRobGiftBox3Top.jpg photo DiorRobGiftBox3Base.jpg

If you've missed any days of the Advent Calendar, don't worry, click HERE to catch up :)
ALSO  we have a great Christmas Giveaway going on here on RobArt Gallery with some gorgeous Robert Pattinson prizes. Check out how to enter over HERE

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